Kolu Huskies are a small Arctic breed of dog, meant to look exactly like the Siberian Husky, but in a smaller package. The word "Kolu" Actually means "Small" in Inuit, the language of the Alaskan Natives. They are similar to, but not to be confused with the Pomskies or the Alaskan Klee Kai. Our Kolu Huskies started way before the Pomskies became a thing. We started our Kolus 20 years ago.

The reason we created the
Kolu Husky, was because we wanted to create a new line of mini Huskies, with healthy dogs that have no history of any health problems. So using a different blend of breeds, the Kolu Huskies were born!!

Everyone loves the beautiful Siberian Husky, but not everyone can manage their size, stamina and energy. Many people live in apartments, have health problem, or just do not want such a large dog. The Kolu Huskies are much more laid back then your average Siberian Husky. They are still energetic and playful, but nothing compared to the Full blooded power house Siberian Husky. It took me 5 generations to get ride of the craziness of the Siberian Husky.

We're also very PROUD to offer a
"LIFETIME GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE", with all our puppies. That's how sure we are about our babies.

Our Kolu Huskies range from very small to a small medium size. Our micro size ranges from 8-14 lbs. Our toy size ranges from 15-20 lbs and our miniature size ranges from 21-30 lbs. It all depends on the parents used in each litter. This breed took many years to create, but it's still a very new & rare breed. So we encourage only responsible pet owners & breeders to adopt one of these amazing cuties.

On that note, please be cautious when buying a "Kolu Husky" from another breeder. They might not follow our strict breeding guide lines. If they do not offer you our "Kolu Husky certification" with their puppies, then we did not approve that litter & they will not be on our data registry list or available for Kolu Husky registration. Remember, we're the original creators of this breed. We only approve Kolu Husky breeders, that breed to our high standards.

Kolu Huskies